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How to use GitHub with Android Studio 1.x

Previously, I wrote a post called How to use GitHub with Android Studio, which was based on the beta version of Android Studio. Since then, Android Studio has progressed past the Beta phase and is now officially the primary IDE for Android. As I expected, they added GitHub support so you no longer have to follow the […]

How to use GitHub with Android Studio

This article provides a basic overview of how to use GitHub with Android Studio. If you’re looking for more in-depth training, check out my ebook How to Use GitHub with Android Studio: A complete step-by-step guide to mastering the technology. Click here to download an easy-to-follow PDF version of this post

How to change the hostname of a Linux server

This post describes how to change a hostname on a Debian 7 Linux server, however it will work on most other Linux distributions too. Switch to root Change the /etc/hostname file Restart the hostname service That’s it. The host name is now updated.

How to add an SSH public key to your Linux user account

Click here for the quick copy-paste option Hi there, this is something that helps me out frequently so I wanted to share it with the community. If you are at all security conscious, you will want to use public/private key authentication, instead of regular passwords, when authenticating to your servers. This short guide will explain, […]

Creating central git repository

Cloud based source control systems such as github are a great addition to the everyday toolkit of the software engineer. However, what if you want to host your own local git repository? Maybe for security, budget limitations of just personal preference? This post will explain how you can do just that. During this explanation I […]