Virtualenv with Eclipse with PyDev on Windows 10

This article will explain how to install virtualenv and create a new Python Project in eclipse which uses a custom virtual environment. There is also a little Hello World style example at the end!

This article assumes that you have Python, Eclipse and the PyDev plugin installed on your machine. If you need to know how to do this, please see my previous post: Setting up your Windows 10 System for Python Development (PyDev, Eclipse, Python).

In the current public version of Python, there is a bug in one of the packages which will display the following error message if you try to install any packages using pip:

Fatal error in launcher: Job information querying failed

This bug has been fixed in the current dev release but still exists in the production version at the time of writing this article. If you want to learn more about the status of this, you can track it via this ticket:

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Setting up your Windows 10 System for Python Development (PyDev, Eclipse, Python)

In this article I’ll explain how you can set-up your Windows 10 machine for some extreme Python development.

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Installing Eclipse Luna on Windows 10

Hey guys, I have recently been playing around with the insider preview of Windows 10. Love it so far, and since everyone will likely upgrade form Windows 8 to Windows 10, I thought I’d write some articles using it.

This article explains how to install Eclipse Luna on Windows 10. Eclipse is unique to most IDE’s in that it doesn’t have an installer.

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