Consuming a JSON REST API in Android


This week’s blog post was requested by one of our readers, Jasmine.

Jasmine asked if I could write a guide on “processing JSON data for android applications using NodeJS and Express and Android Studio”.

I haven’t done anything using Android Studio in a while – and I love writing guides that you all want and need – so I thought I would give it a shot.

There are two parts to processing JSON data in Android using NodeJS and Express:

  1. Writing an app capable of processing the JSON data.
  2. Writing a backend capable of producing the JSON data to be processed.

Because there are two parts to this, naturally I’ve broken the steps down into two blog posts.

In the first guide – i.e. this one – l’ll walk you through step #1 and teach you how to create an Android app using Android Studio, which allows you to process JSON data from a REST API.

The next post will show you how to make a REST API using NodeJS and Express. (Check back next week, or better yet, sign up to my newsletter).

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